war between Hamas and Israel draws international concern

Outbreak of war between Hamas and Israel draws international concern, condemnation – 7 October 2023

On October 7, 2023, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a rocket attack on Jerusalem. The attack came in response to the Israeli police’s eviction of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem. The evictions were part of a long-running legal dispute between Israeli settlers and Palestinian families.

The Hamas rocket attack was followed by a series of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. The airstrikes caused widespread damage and civilian casualties.

International concern and condemnation

The outbreak of war between Hamas and Israel has drawn international concern and condemnation. The European Union has called for a ceasefire and for both sides to respect international law.

Other countries, including Russia, China, and Iran, have condemned Israel’s actions and have called for it to stop its airstrikes on Gaza.


Impact of the conflict

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is having a devastating impact on the people of Gaza. The airstrikes have caused widespread damage to homes, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure. The rocket attacks have caused fear and anxiety, and they have disrupted people’s daily lives.

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